No need for fire – this stove works!

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Even when going outdoor, a man needs some cosiness and – as far as I am concerned – a freshly brewed cup of tea is what I enjoy the most.

Reducing the environmental impact of our stay in the nature is a challenge and when You can achieve this goal with even more pleasure, it’s a good deal.


Sniffing around in a good swedish outdoor store, I found an item that looked somehow weird and even pointless (and more than that: expensive): a wood gas stove. But I decided to buy one as the manufacturer claimed that it could replace a traditional gas burner.

So, the very first day I took it in my backpack, I was ready to skip the afternoon tea scheduled by the lake on Torrskogleden (Dalsland).

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So, all I took was the wood gas stove, matches and a small bag of dry birchbark and twigs. No gas bottle.

Lighting it is easy. Then all You need is to add dry or seasoned twigs (dead wood taken from the tree) and feed the fire. It’s not that simple how much wood You should add and when.

The wood gas stove allows to cook in the nature, using just dry wood, pinecones, bark, … and leaving no trace. The best fuel remains shavings and – what I call – beaver chips.

The first tea took some time. And some others also especially on windy weather. But it worked! Now the stove is part of our equipment when going outdoor. Light, convenient, clean, …

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